This is the richest and royal way of meditation. Raja means ‘King’. Like how the king takes control over his kingdom this way of meditation takes control over our mind. That is we use our mind powers to achieve our goals to realize and take control over ourselves.

The basic principle behind Raja Yoga is Devine is in our heart. And this belief is suppressed by the flow of thoughts what disturbs the mind. If these thoughts can be dissolved which rests the mind then one can realize the Devine.

All our beliefs and aims are to be to learn the truth. In Raja yoga no belief or faith is required other than truth. To experience this truth a strong desire is required from one self. Raja yoga suggests us the practical and logical way to learn this truth. There is no limit to the power of human mind. The more we concentrate the more we can gain this power. Raja yoga requires constant practice.

This Meditation(Raja Yoga) is to be practiced under the direction of good guide who achieved perfection in teaching Raja Yoga. The Raja-Yoga gives us perfect concentration of mind which keeps our mind and body completely relaxed and free. The practice of Raja-Yoga if not properly directed, may lead to stresses and disturbances again. So it is essential that one should practice in the guidance of a right guide or teacher.

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  1. Sam said

    If you want to deepen yourself in the study and practice in yoga, ayurveda and meditation than this is a golden offer to change the direction of the life with the help of yoga and meditation. Our sessions begin each morning with 90 minutes. We are offering the opportunity to practice the yoga in fullness and expand the internal energy. It’s a combination of mental awareness, philosophy and yoga science with physical behavior and movement. In yoga we are working on how to create a balance in life via breathing and concentration methods.

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