Kriya Yoga

The Meaning of Kriya

The word Kriya is composed of two syllables, kri and yâ. In Sanskrit, kri means karma dhatu – action of the elements, and yâ means Soul or Atma. The word Kriya indicates action of the Soul or prâna karma. The first and most important action of the Soul is breath.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit yuj which means union. The union of the individual soul with Spirit.

Kriya Yoga is a method to attain the union of breath and Soul in each inhalation and exhalation. Expressed in other words: the union of the individual soul with Spirit is called Kriya Yoga. This is true karma.

The practice of Kriya Yoga is based on breath, the brain and the spinal cord. Breath is the mediator between Soul and mind. The brain is the mediator between the sense organs and the mind. All our physical actions are reflected on our sense organs through the intermediary of the lower part of the brain located in the spinal cord. From this lower part of the brain where the lower mind is situated, we pass to the higher mind, then to breath, and lastly from breath to Soul (and then inversely).

The brain is connected to the mind and the mind is connected to chitta. Chitta (the higher mind) is composed of five actions, or five minds which have twenty-five qualities or natures, each creating two results which are called vrittis. This gives fifty types of different inner and outer results – fifty vrittis, which are manifestations of chitta. The vrittis are created by chitta, the higher mind, directly from the Soul through the means of breath. The object of yoga is to control the actions of chitta – Yogâshchittavrittinirodhah (Pâtanjali’s Yoga Sûtra I, 2).

The mind is in constant motion. Our inner and outer actions change constantly and this is reflected by our breath. When we are afraid our breath is agitated, when we feel joy our breath is different, it is also different when we are angry or have any other type of emotion. When the breath is calm, the mind is calm. So, it is only through breath that we are able to control chitta and come to the state called nirodhah. Nirodhah means to close, to lock with a key – which means to stop all actions (vrittis) of chitta and thus have easy access to the meditation state of yoga. The control of chitta, stopping the actions of the mind is obtained by controlling the breath.

Since Kriya Yoga is based on breath, you can practice this special technique during the whole day and in whatever activity you do. When it comes to sitting for meditation, it may be practiced whenever you have time.

Kriya Technique

The teaching of Kriya Yoga is done gradually. It is sectioned into six stages referred to as First Kriya, Second Kriya and so on. The beginner starts with First Kriya. First Kriya is the root, the very foundation which allows for progress through the spiritual path for followers of any religion. It gives access to knowledge of the body, of the Soul and the chakras. It allows for comprehension of the gross body, the astral body and the causal body. Later, after having practized regularly over a period of time and achieved the necessary demanding level of mastery, one can receive second Kriya, and thus progress towards the higher Kriya levels.

Describing Kriya Yoga in words has little meaning. A person may truly understand only through practice. If you wish to know what an apple is, a simple description is not enough. Take the fruit, touch it, taste it, then you will really and immediately understand what an apple is. The same goes for Kriya Yoga.
The Ultimate Goal

The constant practice of iswara pranidhana (practice of breath control in every moment) gives the siddhi (perfection) of samadhi. The incoming breath is î – power, outgoing breath is ra – light, sva – yourself, is between these two. isvara gives life and will fill yourself.

Iswara pranidhana means that by constantly observing the breath which enters and leaves the body, through practice one will come to the formless state. Then you remain in the divine light enabling yourself to achieve constant nirvana or liberation in your life time. As Jesus Christ said in the Bible: “You can’t see, feel or realize God, but you can be”.

Effects on Life

Prana shakti (life force) flows from the top to the bottom, then inversely from the bottom to the top, of the spine. In this way all the chakras (centres) are touched by life force and by vacuum. The first and second techniques are called pranam and correspond to Yama in Patanjala’s Yoga Sutra. Yama means to obtain inner control or sâmyam. Nothing can be controlled from without because the root is found in our spine. This is why we during the practice of Kriya Yoga bend the spine forward allowing the magnetic life force to flow in the spinal cord. The vacuum is always at the top of our body, this is why we retain equilibrium. So when we bend our spine, the vacuum magnetizes the spine.

Shûnya dhaur bhavet prâna: The vacuum element is our life force. When the vacuum leaves the body, life also leaves.

By practicing Kriya Yoga, we create an inner fire called tapa agni. In the same way that the outer fire, drabya agni, burns whatever we put into it, the inner fire, tapa agni, allows the practitioner to burn his karmas, the results of his past actions, his thoughts as well as all his mental or psychological problems.

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Meditation is a state of consciousness

Meditation is a state of consciousness when your mind is free of thoughts.

Meditation is flow of your mind towards concentration. You have to develop concentration for meditation.

Why concentration is important for meditation?

Meditation is nothing but making your mind free from all thoughts. When your mind will be free? When you narrow your thoughts to specific object or thing and concentrate on that object.

Your mind will be concentrating on that specific object leaving behind all the thoughts. If you have thoughts in your mind, they will distract your concentration.

How to improve your concentration?

You have two techniques to improve your concentration: number meditation technique and visualization meditation technique.

Number meditation technique depends on numbers. Close your eyes and start counting from number one while exhaling. When you visualize number one in your mind breathe in and start visualize number two in your mind. When you see number two breathe in. You continue this process fifteen to twenty minutes.

Visualization technique depends on visualization of objects. Close your eyes and think about any object in your mind and try to visualize it. Suppose if you think of a clock in your mind, get the clock in front of your eyes and visualize it. You continue visualizing the object, the color of the object and the shape of the object.

By following these techniques you can improve your concentration. After improving your concentration, you can do some concentration exercises which help meditation

Concentrate on breathing: concentrate on your breathing as you exhale and inhale. After you breathe in, hold for few seconds and then breathe out. Your mind should be free from all the distractions. You should concentrate when you breathe in and when you breathe out. Nothing should be in your mind.

Concentrate on the object: keep any object such as flower in front of you. Concentrate on the flower with your eyes half closed and half open. You should not see other objects in the room when you are concentrating on the flower. Now you narrow your concentration to a part of the flower such as tip of a petal. As you are narrowing your concentration, your concentration increases and you are in the deep state of meditation.

Concentrate on your heart beat: you have to concentrate on your heart beat and nothing should be in your mind. You have to hear your heart beat and concentrate on it and nothing should draw your concentration.
You have to select a comfortable place for meditation. There should be sufficient ventilation and outside disturbance should be less. You can keep pillows and blankets for your physical comfort to do meditation. The temperature of the room should be minimum and lighting should be low.

You can sit quietly or lie down with your eyes closed in the room created by you to perform meditation.

Initially you may feel some discomfort. Whenever you are feeling discomfort, stop meditating and start after some time. As you practice meditation, you can do meditation any where but try to select a calm and quiet place.

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Bakti Yoga

Bhagvat Gita is one of the most sacred book of the hindus. It comprises of the conversation of Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the kurukshetra battle, between the pandavas and the kauravas. It is the advice of the Lord to the entire Mankind, generally. The Gita has eighteen chapters. The twelfth chapter is called the Bhakti yoga-ways to reach God. A brief outline about this chapter…

Bhakti yoga deals with the ways to reach God. It is a path of devotion to reach the Unmanifest. When Arjuna puts forth the question- “which between the two types of devotees are superior?”
Lord Krishna answered -”those who have unanswered faith in the lord, undivided attention, remembrance of the Lord are surely better devotees. Those who worship the unmanifest and indefinable Lord with perfect self-control are sure to reach the god.”

The lord will be the saviour of those, who dedicate all their activities to the Divine, worship Him with pure faith. The first and the best is Dhyana (meditation), keeping the mind firmly on the Lord. This may be impossible because mind wanders away from God. Then by Abhyasa,brings the again back to Lord. If all attempts of Abyasa fails,one must dedicate all the daily activities to the Lord,that is,Dhyana.If this also fails, one must leave the fruit of of one’s work in the hands of the Almighty.

The Bhakti yoga not only server as an important chapter of the Gita but also tells us about the basic qualities and values that one must follow in day-to-day life.

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What is addiction?
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What is Adiction?

Adiction is that habit of the human being with which one gives importance to only one part of the life ignoring other parts giving low importance. Adiction is not common for every human being. If one have tobbaco adiction the other may have sex adiction or some other. The most worried with adiction is people loose their valuable time spending on what they are adicted to, and the important parts where people need to put much time on them will be ignored.

Why De-Adiction?

de-adiction is important to learn life because adiction will not allow to concentrate to do any thing that is even very important in life. To learn life meditation is very important. When Meditation is the process to learn life and you cannot concentrate on it there will not be any results doing that.


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Is Meditation Different From Yoga?

Before judging difference it is important to know what is ‘Yoga’? Yoga is a sanskrit word which means intentional and concentrated practice to unite one’s ‘Atma’ in ‘Paramatma’. Atma means spirit and parama means supreme. Paramatma is the name given to supreme energy in snskrit. This yoga is practiced mostly by Indian saints known as yogis. To keep them selves concentrate on yoga, yogis used to keep themselves fit physically and mentally. For that they used to practiced ‘Asanas (postures)’ which keep the phisical and mental bodies fit and healthy by which yogis used to not get disturbed by ill health and other problems.

But in modern days the word yoga is misunderstood by people. The asanas were understood as yoga by people and practicing asanas with the name yoga. These days many people are practicing ‘yogasanas’ only but not yoga.

Meditation is also one kind of yoga practiced by saints in west. But these days meditation is understood as excercise to maintain mental balance and relaxation from stresses.

Binaural Meditation Beats

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This is the richest and royal way of meditation. Raja means ‘King’. Like how the king takes control over his kingdom this way of meditation takes control over our mind. That is we use our mind powers to achieve our goals to realize and take control over ourselves.

The basic principle behind Raja Yoga is Devine is in our heart. And this belief is suppressed by the flow of thoughts what disturbs the mind. If these thoughts can be dissolved which rests the mind then one can realize the Devine.

All our beliefs and aims are to be to learn the truth. In Raja yoga no belief or faith is required other than truth. To experience this truth a strong desire is required from one self. Raja yoga suggests us the practical and logical way to learn this truth. There is no limit to the power of human mind. The more we concentrate the more we can gain this power. Raja yoga requires constant practice.

This Meditation(Raja Yoga) is to be practiced under the direction of good guide who achieved perfection in teaching Raja Yoga. The Raja-Yoga gives us perfect concentration of mind which keeps our mind and body completely relaxed and free. The practice of Raja-Yoga if not properly directed, may lead to stresses and disturbances again. So it is essential that one should practice in the guidance of a right guide or teacher.

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Powers Can Be Aquired By Meditation.

There are several powers that consists with people. But these can be suppressed with unawareness of this truth. To get awareness people must start thinking some spirituality and start practicing meditation. You have so many powers with you and don’t know how to use them your life is going waste. I appeal you to start meditating and learn how to acquire those powers.

Astral Travel Can Be Done With Meditation.

In ancient days saints used to travel in the universe using their Astral body by practicing meditation. Astral body is our other form of consciousness. We will not able to feel our astral body normally because of the disturbances caused due to continuous thoughts. When we do meditation these thoughts can be controlled and this astral body can be perceived. Ancient saints claim that dreams are unconscious experiences of astral body. By practicing meditation these experiences can be perceived consciously. With this astral travel we can get trillion and trillion more times of happiness than normal happiness.

This astral body is the intermediate body to your spirit and physical body which is million(just assumption) times lighter than physical body and easily changeable. This can be brought out only by practicing meditation and meditation only. So start meditation today itself to experience that astral travel.

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